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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another weekly update

Walt has now had 2 rounds of chemo and nearly 1/2 of his radiation treatments.  Both the radiation* and hematology oncologists are pleased with the way things are going.  He is showing signs of radiation burns on his back and chest but they are minimal right now.  We'll start applying the gel more frequently to keep this to a minimum.  Because the radiation is accumulative, these spots will probably get larger or redder over the next few weeks.

Our radiation oncologist is stuck in Denver because of all the snow so we saw another *radiation oncologist.  He'd not seen Walt before but said right away that he looked great!  He reviewed his chart, checked him over and said that he was quite happy with the outcome thus far.  Always good to hear another opinion that echoes the others.

And that book thing?  Today we didn't even have time to get it out of the bag!  The tech joked about it, too.  Wonder if she spots us coming in to the building and times her steps into the waiting room? 

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  1. So glad the treatments are going well. Hope Walt continues to make good progress!