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Saturday, December 7, 2013

More milestones

This week marked the 1 year anniversary of Walt's lung cancer diagnosis.  Nearly 9 months to the day he was found to be in remission.  Yesterday he saw both oncologists for another follow-up.  The latest CT scan shows the organs are healing nicely from the radiation and chemo treatments.  And NO NEW FINDINGS!!!  He'll see them both again in early March.

We also each had eye exams.  Walt's showed no significant change in his vision so no new prescription needed.  His peripheral vision is worse but we're dealing with it.  My eye exam was post cataract surgery on each eye.  I can now see 20/20 when using both eyes!  With glasses I was only correctable to 20/30 in one eye and 20/60 in the other.  And I don't have to get prescription readers unless over-the-counter ones don't work for me!!!  For the first time in 50 years I am not wearing glasses 24/7.  In the past I would need glasses to find my glasses.  I now have an inkling about how an amputee must feel as I'm constantly ready to take them off at night, clean them, etc.  Very strange but very, very wonderful!  I am in total awe of the medical community that they were able to make this happen and have it be a complete success.

What a ride 2013 has turned out to be for us!  Here's to a healthier 2014!

Thank you again for all your prayers of support and offers to help in whatever way you could.  Until you've walked in similar shoes, you'll never know just how much those things mean.