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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

About that book tip...

It is still working!  Maybe a little too well!  Today we checked in, got into the waiting room, took off our coats, sat down, I opened the book bag and handed Walt his book.  He no sooner opened it up and the tech came in.  We started laughing and she joined in.  'At this rate you're going to have difficulty finishing that chapter, Mr. Kesselman.'  'At this rate I'm just trying to finish the page!' answered Walt. 

He did have to have a tape changed on his left side because it was coming loose.  The tape is placed over the black Sharpie marks to ensure they last longer.  I could just see it getting caught on his shirt and he'd have to be re-marked at his next visit.  Whew, they were able to take care of it without any problem.

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  1. Glad the treatments are going well. Bring your books on Monday though. From what my friend told me the first chemo treatment takes a bit longer. Not sure what Walt has to go through with the chemo but my thoughts are with the two of you. Hope the snow melts before you have to go next week.