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Friday, January 22, 2016

Bladder surgery

Walt's bladder surgery to remove 2 tumors went well.  During his pre-op visit with Walt he said he was feeling quite good today.  My comment, after the fact when I learned of the conversation, was 'Gee, sure am glad he wasn't feeling crappy and wouldn't be on his A game!'  I know he meant it in the best possible way.  We really do like our urologist who sports bright green eye glasses.  He came home with a catheter which we figured he probably would.  Our friends thought we were nuts to presuppose this before the procedure.  Why?  If it happens then you're not surprised.  If it doesn't happen then you're quite happy.  I don't remember seeing anything in the fine print of our marriage licenses that mentioned catheter care.  And I hope I don't have to re-enlist to do this again.  Yuk.  He's almost weaned off the steroids which means his blood sugars can get back to a normal pattern - frequently on the low side.  Aaahhh, just something else to handle in the mix.  I/he will remove the catheter Monday morning at 8.  Asked the doc why 8 and he said because by then the world will be up and in their offices so you can reach out for help if you need it.  I said that with my sister being an RN and her husband Walt's primary care doc and the fact that they lived about 6/10 of a mile away I wasn't too worried about getting help.  Now to await the pathology report.  We've learned to play that game all too well.

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